Hong Kong’s urban planning process needs a rethink!

8 June 2016 – “Progress” wears many guises. So I found myself musing during a casual weekend stroll through the wreckage that was once Hong Kong’s Gage Street market area. As I advanced further into this war zone-like scene, a second stray thought came to mind: “Is this progress?” The answer is not so simple. […]


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Open Space: A Coffin for Each of Us

23 February 2016 – Open space may seem like an oddity to some Hong Kong residents – a curious lack of development sandwiched between high rises and apartment blocks. Many locals would not think of it as an amenity. According to the Planning Department’s Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines, residents of metropolitan areas and […]

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How Green Was My Island?

18 January 2016 – A sea of green on a sea of blue — it’s what Lantau looks like on a satellite map. Despite covering 13 percent of Hong Kong’s land area, the island has been spared the pell-mell development that characterizes more central areas. That may soon change. On Sunday 10 January, at a time […]

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The HK-PRD Agglomeration Illusion

11 January 2016 – A bridge to Zhuhai, a busy border crossing, a wealth of cross-border trade and investment – evidence of Hong Kong’s integration with the Pearl River Delta (PRD) is all around us, so we’re told. Indeed, few would argue that some degree of “economic integration” is not underway. This term may suggest […]

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