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  1. Dear Mr Patterson,

    I am a semi-retired management consultant living in Mui Wo, Lantau with many years of senior management experience in the US, China and Hong Kong.

    You wrote two very interesting and informative articles on Lantau development a few months ago.

    You may be interested in a Lantau development forum to be held in HKU this Saturday, April 9 from 2 to 5:30 pm. See :


    I will be one of the presenter questioning the need for the East Lantu Metropolis in the context of overall Hong Kong development. In fact, I will quote one of your analysis on the decreasing number of mainland workers in Hong Kong.

    As a resident of Mui Wo in Lantau and freelance columnist for SCMP, I have been following closely the government plan on Lantau. I had published several articles in SCMP on the subject. Below is one of them :


    Perhaps we can co-operate in some effort on this issue.


    Tom Yam


    1. Dear Mr. Yam,

      Thank you for informing me. I do find much of the basis for the development plan perplexing, so the event may indeed interest me. I have been to the Facebook event page. I see that there may also be English interpretation. That is good. I read Chinese, but only understand spoken Mandarin.

      Let me see about sending the form tomorrow morning. As long as there are no registration difficulties, I hope to run into you there. In the meantime, you may find me on LinkedIn (Tommy Patterson).




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